About Us

Since 1991 Main Street Ministries has been bringing hope and help to families and individuals. Currently we provide housing, accountability, Bible studies, life skill workshops and a safe, supportive environment for those living with us.

Main Street Ministries is a 501c (3) Kansas non-profit corporation. We are led by a volunteer board of directors.

Our Mission

The mission of Main Street Ministries is to demonstrate the love of Jesus Christ by providing physical and spiritual resources in a supportive environment. This includes being a safe place for women and children, a place to practice honesty, forgiveness and responsibility, a place where women are respected, a place where God hears prayers and gives direction for the future.

It is always a relief to see a family connect with Main Street Ministries. Families that have just arrived in Hillsboro that are in transition and need a lot more support and services. Main Street Ministries fills in the gaps for those families. The strong Christian foundation provides an atmosphere that allows for growth in all areas of family life.
–Mike Moran, Elementary School Counselor


Director:Stephanie Moss

Food Bank Manager:Ciara Cox

On-site Staff:Kendra Henry

Board Members:

  • Dale Nuss, President & Chairman
  • Mary Steketee, Treasurer
  • Clint Seibel, Vice President
  • Lola Unruh, Secretary
  • Ken Koslowsky
  • Lynette Hiebert
  • Tami Driggers