About Us

Since 1990, Main Street Ministries has been bringing hope and help to families and individuals in crisis. Currently we provide housing, accountability, Bible studies, life skill workshops and a safe, supportive environment for those living with us.


Main Street Ministries is a 501c (3) Kansas non-profit corporation. We are led by a volunteer board of directors.

Our Mission

The mission of Main Street Ministries is to demonstrate the love of Jesus Christ by providing physical and spiritual resources in a supportive environment. This includes being a safe place for women and children, a place to practice honesty, forgiveness and responsibility, a place where women are respected, a place where God hears prayers and gives direction for the future.



Director:  Stephanie Moss

Food Bank Manager:  Ciara Cox

On-site Staff:  Barb Ratzlaff-Shannon

Board Members:

  • Dale Nuss, President & Chairman
  • Mary Steketee, Treasurer
  • Tami Driggers, Vice President
  • Lynette Hiebert, Secretary
  • Ken Koslowsky
  • Lola Unruh
  • Reg Matz

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