Frequently Asked Questions

Main Street Ministries supportive housing program:

Question: Is there a wait list for an apartment?

Answer: Every few months we have an apartment open up. They range from 1 bedroom to 4 bedroom. Please call to schedule an interview today. (Note–all apartments require walking up stairs to access.)

Question: How much rent do you charge for an apartment?

Answer: None. This is a ministry designed to help women in need. Rent and utilities are paid on your behalf as long as you participate fully in the scheduled meetings and classes including Sunday church services. The meetings are to benefit you and your children.

Question: Can my kids live with me?

Answer: Yes. Children in your custody ages newborn to age 12 years are welcome. We have had special needs children. The back yard is fenced to keep toddlers in. Moms are responsible for supervising their children indoors and outdoors at all times. Residents are not allowed to babysit for one another. Childcare is offered onsite during meetings. Each child must sleep in their own bed.

Question: Is it true there are a lot of rules?

Answer: Yes. In order for this to be a safe and structured place for you and your children and for us to live in community with each other, there are house rules. (See page 6 of the Transformation Contract Community Living Agreement)

Main Street Ministries Food Bank

Question: Who can come get food?

Answer: Anybody and everybody is welcome. Some people come from as far as Peabody and Ramona. Just be prepared to provide your name, address and the number of how many people live in your home. NO need to bring any pay stubs or proof of income.

Question: When I come to the food bank do I shop like I would in a store?

Answer: No. We pack the grocery bags for you ahead of time according to how many are in your family. This helps us to serve you faster. We try to include canned fruit, beans, vegetables, pasta, tomato sauce, box noodle dinner, cereal, peanut butter, jelly, frozen ground beef. Sometimes fresh food and USDA Commodities are also available. Each Saturday is slightly different.

Question: How often can we come for free food?

Answer: We are glad to see you! We recommend people come as often as once a month. We can also give you information about the Marion Food Pantry of Marion County which is open different days than us.

Question: If I am home-bound with a disability or have no transportation (not able to come to Main Street Ministries) can I still get food?

Answer: Maybe. If you can send someone else to pick up your food, just send them with a signed note. At this time we do not deliver but this is a huge need in our community.

Question: Do you give a holiday meal?

Answer: Yes. Thanks to local churches who sponsor this program we give Turkey Baskets out in November as an extra holiday blessing. Call in October or November to sign up. (620) 947-3393.

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